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Posted on 09-28-2011

Chiropractic Adjustments, Back Pain, Physical Therapy and Pain Management

Newark chiropactic adjustment technqiuesChiropractic adjustments are a manipulation technique used by a trained chiropractor to help your body heal itself. While many East Orange, Ironbound and Irvington patients may know the term chiropractic adjustment, they may not understand what actually occurs during an adjustment. Dr. Saraceno of Newark Pain and Rehab in Newark, New Jersey explains a little about chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulations.

Spinal complications, including the numbness associated with sciatica, involve restricted or incorrect movement between the spinal bones. The reasons for such complications include work injuries, auto injuries, sickness, and age-related degeneration of spinal ligaments and vertebrae cushions. These restrictions in the spine or misalignments can often cause pain throughout the back, the neck, and the head. The focus of a chiropractic adjustment is to return the spine to it's proper position, thereby alleviating any pressure or restriction on the nerves in the spine.

Adjustments for Newark Back Pain Relief

Bones are static structures. Their movement is controlled by muscle rather than physical location. Muscles respond to commands from your nervous system. Rather than reshaping your spinal column, chiropractors use adjustment to alleviate irritation of the nerves.

The chiropractic adjustment involves specific and purposeful applications in five areas of therapeutic manipulation: Controlled force; Leverage; Direction; Amplitude; and Velocity.

For back or neck pain, you may receive a series of adjustments designed to bring about an incremental improvement in the function of joints and nerves. It is a process that can continue on for several weeks at intervals that are separated by several days.

The typical chiropractic adjustment may involve a quick thrust applied to a vertebra. This is to correct the position of the vertebra. Such adjustments are often accompanied by an audible release of gas in the spinal joints. This is typically reflected by a popping noise.

Due to the complex nature of the spine, our chiropractor may work through a multi-level approach that involves various body extremities as well as the spine. Adjustments are aimed at bringing about balance and normalcy. The point of discomfort may not accurately relay the cause of the stress. Therefore, the adjustment may involve wrists, elbows and even finger joints.

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